Is Your Android Smartphone Protected from Tracking and Stealing

Regardless of if you are a genius with your brand-new smartphone or not, there is a certain level of security that you need to do to keep data safe on your Android smartphone. Today, having constant access to the Internet poses a risk to the security of that mobile phone and any of the data that you have stored on it.

With the increasing dependency on a smartphone, it’s essential to safeguard your phone since it keeps many sensitive personal and professional data. We have already become aware that our phones could be tracked without our knowledge, so it’s important to take all necessary steps to secure your phone and the data stored in it.

Tracking movements online is not new. When you used a browser on a PC to get around, the website could track your behavior with cookies, but it was something it could be disabled if wanted. Today, the same thing is happening on your smartphone browser and that too can be turned off. You just need to enable “Do Not Track” on your web browser and with that, you will be sending a nice message to the websites that you do not want them to track your data.

Protect yourself from SMS tracking

  • Set a Lock Code

All Android phones today have an option called “lock screen”. This is usually a 4-digit code that only you know and is required by anyone who is attempting to get past the lock screen. This is the simplest form of security, but it is a must thing to do since you can secure your phone by using it.

  • Install A “Find My Phone” Application

There is only so much that you can do when you are trying to keep your Android and data safe from those that want it. The problem comes when you lose your phone. Now the phone is not in your possession and all your SMS, calls, phone contacts, emails, photos and other data are at risk of being revealed.

Many people also store credit cards, addresses, and other sensitive data on their phone and it would be awful if your phone comes in the wrong hands. With installing a “Find My Phone” app at least it will give you a hint as to where you have left it. Additionally, it gives you the option to wipe your data.

  • Use anti-malware software

Necessarily keep your phone’s software up to date, use anti-malware software and delete anything suspicious on your device and you will probably be safe. But if you need to make yourself 100% sure you need to reset your Android phone to factory settings and then reinstall every application one by one, paying special attention to only reinstall applications you know and trust.

Also, when you are away from home, most information security professionals suggest keeping your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections to a minimum as possible so to avoid any type of tracking and stealing information.


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